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Katzenjammer Designs is the freelance web and graphic design operation of Monica Katzenberger. I live in
Central Minnesota, and work from my home studio. In my "first life" I did the expected route ... bachelor's degree,
internship, and a promising career as a microbiologist. It was an interesting career to say the least, but I think I
always knew there was something else out there that I was meant to do.


A couple of decades and two children later, I figured out what the "something else" was. My "second life" began
when I was given a phenomenal chance for re-education. I took full advantage of it and loved every minute of it!
During the first year of my schooling, I knew this was my calling. I fell in love with graphic design and realized this
was where I could incorporate my passion for computers and photography. I started Katzenjammer Designs
during that first year of school and have not looked back.

So what's with the name, Katzenjammer? I was given the nick name many years ago by my favorite auntie and it

just seemed appropriate for my business. For anyone who is not familiar with the Katzenjammer Kids, they were
a couple of fun-loving comic strip characters. My philosophy for my business is to delight my clients with
phenomenal results and have some fun in the process. Business can be serious, but there's no reason it
can't be fun too!

I am passionate about what I do and I am always looking for new challenges and ideas. I strive to constantly

learn as things change in this technological world, which makes my job consistently interesting and fun. I can
honestly say that I love what I do. If this wasn’t my job, I would probably be doing it anyway!
Learn more about me by reading my blog.

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